After completing on our villa on December 20th 2007, "Penny from Heaven" was born. We named the villa after our realtor 'JC Penny Realty' who not only closed the deal on our behalf, but also went on to become close friends.

So that we could put our own stamp on our new home we decided a completely makeover was in order. The initial stage of our improvement programme consisted of removing the built in TV unit in the family room, a complete internal paint job, converting the garage into a games room and a whole heap of new furniture, electricals, linens etc.

Decision made, we closed the Villa for 3 weeks in January 2008. The builders were to be in there for the first 2 weeks and we would be there during the last 2 weeks. The following pictures show what we walked into, yes, a complete bombsite! Everything had just been piled into the middle of each room and barely covered with dustsheets. This was going to be hard going to be a hard 2 weeks!
After 2 very hard but fun weeks of shopping and cleaning, the villa was really transformed. We still strive to add, upgrade or refurbish our home each and every visit and add these to our 'improvements page'. The following pictures will hopefully show you how things have improved over the years.
Communal Areas
Family Room Before
Family Room After
Family Room Now
The Family Room - Changes include new furniture and décor a 50" HDTV and a Playstation 3.
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Kitchen Now
Fully Equipped Kitchen - Changes include new Cooker, Microwave, Dish Washer, Fridge, Crockery and Granite Worktops.
Dining Area Before
Dining Area After
Dining Area Now
Dining Area - Changes include new Dining furniture and an Original Rock-Ola Juke Box.
Formal Lounge Before
Formal Lounge After
Formal Lounge Now
Formal Lounge - Changes include furniture and décor.
As you can imagine, Linda was in 7th Heaven with all the shopping. The first round of refurbishment saw us replace just about every piece of furniture in the communal areas with exception to the bar stools and the 2 leather sofas that were relocated from the Family Room to the Formal Lounge and Games Room. I almost forgot that you may still find some of the frogs in the front Garden.
Games Room After
Games Room Now
New Games Room
No rental home is complete without a Games Room. Unfortunately we had set one up from scratch so we painted the floor, added some sprinkles then kitted it out with Pool and Foosball tables a Dartboard and a Tomb Raider Slot Machine along with a Selection of Toddler toys.
We have since added an original 1980's Pac man Pinball machine a Brio Train track, further Tots toys and a bit of décor.
The Bedrooms
The bedrooms are an ongoing saga of changes. Every time we visit, Linda has to change at least one set of bedding and is always looking at what she can change next. I think she has a couple of rooms earmarked for a re theme.
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After
Master Bedroom Now
Master Bedroom - Changes included new lights, décor, bedding, TV and Massage Chair.
Master Bathroom Before
Master Bathroom After
Master Bathroom Now
Master Bathroom - Changes include a Granite Worktop, Sink, Taps, Lights and décor.
Pine Queen Bedroom Before
Pine Queen Bedroom After
Pine Queen Bedroom Now
Pine Queen Bedroom - Changes include new bedside lights, flat screen TV, ceiling fan and décor. We also switched the queen bedroom furniture around due to the lighter pine furniture lending itself better to the darker of the 2 rooms.
Pool Queen Bedroom Before
Pool Queen Bedroom After
Pool Queen Bedroom Now
Pool Queen Bedroom - Changes include new bedside lights, flat screen TV, ceiling fan and décor.
Winnie the Pooh Bedroom Before
Winnie the Pooh Bedroom After
Winnie the Pooh Bedroom Now
Winnie the Pooh Triple Bedroom - This bedroom is one of the biggest initial room changes we did. Changes included a new Triple Bunk bed and matching dresser, a new chair bed and a complete makeover of bedding, window dressing and décor for our new themed bedroom. This room also boasts a wide selection of children's dressing up clothes. Linda has an itch to re theme this bedroom so don't be surprised if this room changes in the future.
Mickey Mouse Twin Bedroom Before
Mickey Mouse Twin Bedroom After
Mickey Mouse Twin Bedroom Now
Mickey Mouse Twin Bedroom - It was always our intention for this room to be our Mickey Mouse themed bedroom but we couldn't find a single comforter in the Disney area let alone everything else you see in the room today. As time was running short and a whole house to finish we eventually decided on a surfer theme. Changes now include new Beds, dresser and night stand, a flat screen TV and themed décor. You can still see our surfer wall art under the Lanai.
Harry Potter Twin Bedroom Before
Harry Potter Twin Bedroom After
Harry Potter Twin Bedroom Now
Harry Potter Twin Bedroom - We initially themed this bedroom as a sports bedroom but it soon morphed into Harry Potter when Universal opened Harry Potter Land. Changes include a flat screen TV, a Play station 3 and themed décor.
The Bathrooms
All the bathrooms have now had a face lift but I'm sure Linda still has a few surprises up her sleeve for me.
Queen Bathroom Before
Queen Bathroom After
Queen Bathroom Now
Queen Bathroom - Changes include a Granite Worktop, Sink, Taps, Lights, Mirror a Glass Shower Curtain and décor.
Nemo Bathroom Before
Nemo Bathroom After
Nemo Bathroom Now
Quakers Bathroom - The Bathroom now has a Nemo theme but I didn't get any good pictures to post. Changes include a Granite Worktop, Sink, Taps, Lights, Mirror and new Nemo décor.
Half Bathroom After
Half Bathroom Now
Half Bathroom
This bathroom morphed from a basic plain décor to an OMG how many colours décor. There are some old English style fun seaside postcards that fit in well with the beach styled theme. Changes include a Granite Worktop, Sink, Taps, Lights, Mirror and décor.
Penny from Heaven - The Outside
Penny from Heaven Before
Penny from Heaven After
Penny from Heaven Now
Our Home - Even the outside has changed. After a complete redecoration it looks like a different place.
Please visit our Improvements Page to see what has been done during each of our visits.
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