There are many things for you to get accustomed too during your visit to Florida and we have tried where possible to incorporate this information within our website.

We are very proud of our home and love to visit regularly to carry out updates and for doing maintenance so that you, our guests have an enjoyable and hopefully trouble free stay. As an extension to this we have added this Villa Tips page so that there was an easy to go to place to check on how some of the things work within our home.

When visiting our home, please check out the owners manual found in the family area.
Air Conditioning.
Our home is equipped with a full heating and cooling system. To ensure the system works to its optimum all external doors and windows should be kept closed.

Please note that keeping doors and windows open during the warmer days may give you a blast of cool air whilst you are sitting under the lanai but this will be short lived. All you will achieve is to draw the warm air into the home giving you a hot and sticky night's sleep as it will take the Air Conditioning time to recover, it may even result with a system malfunction.
The sewer lines in the USA are 50% narrower than abroad. Please minimize the chance of a blockage by flushing the toilet frequently during use and with minimal amounts of tissue with each flush. Under no circumstances are paper towels and paper products other than toilet tissue to be disposed of down the toilet.

Blockages can usually be cleared using the plunger provided. If you are unable to clear the toilet please call our management team.

Please note that if a plumber has to be called and there are items other than toilet paper blocking the toilet then you will be charged, so please ensure that all members of your party are aware that only toilet paper can be placed in the toilet.
You will soon notice that we have a lot of blinds fitted throughout our home. These not only act as curtains and give you privacy they also help to keep the heat out.

There are 2 common kinds of vertical blinds found on our windows and doors. Both types require the slats turning to the open position before drawing the blinds.

Type 1 - Drawstring:
On the left hand side of the blind you will find a pull down chain and string. To open the blinds correctly you need to pull the chain down first to open the slats and then pull the string cord down to open the blinds. To close the blinds you just pull down on the opposite side of the string and then the same with the chain to close the slats.
Type 2 - Twist Rod:
On the right hand side of the blind, after the last slat you will find a twist rod. Twisting the rod will open and close the slats. Once the slats are open you can then open the blind by pulling the rod towards the left. To close the blinds you just pull the rod to the right and then twist to close the slats.

Please note that failure to open the slats first will cause the blinds to bind or even break.
Please ensure you close and lock all doors and windows and where applicable, set the security alarm prior to leaving the property.

Whilst our home is in a nice quiet community and away from all the hustle and bustle please still make sure you do not leave items such as iPads, phones, e readers, laptops or money unattended in the pool area or in open view around the home when out at the parks etc.

We are not responsible for any items left at the vacation home during or after your stay but we will do our best to help you locate any lost items. Please double check the entire home and pool area for belongings prior to vacating.
Press the Disarm button followed by (YOUR CODE).
This will disarm the complete system.

TO ARM (AWAY): Press the Away button and then exit the property.
Use this option when leaving the property vacant. All sensors will be armed.

Press the Stay button.
This option is often used at bed time as the perimeter sensors (including the internal door to the games room) are armed. The motion sensors remain disarmed so that you may move around within the home without triggering the system.

Press the Stay button followed by the 4 key.
As above but without the 15 second countdown.
Please note that all doors and windows need to be closed prior to setting the system.
If you do encounter any problems during your stay then please let our management team know and they will have a representative call around to the property to take care of any issues.
For further information feel free to contact the owners
Linda & Robert using one of the following options:

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