Yes, your Wedding dreams really can come true in Florida.

Choose anything from a Disney Fantasy to a Stunning Beach, from Spectacular Parks and Gardens to a friends Back Yard, you name the place and you can probably get married there. Florida will pretty much have something to interest even the scariest of bridezillas with a wide range of budgets to suit.

There are literally hundereds of wedding planners in the Orlando area each with their very own favorite locations and packages, you could even plan it all yourself.

A marriage licence costs $93.50 which can be reduced by $32.50 if you as a couple attends a four-hour course to improve communication. If you haven't completed the course you have to wait 3 days from the issuance of the license and it expires 60 days after the issuance date.
Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings.
Disney offers 3 collections for couples to choose from.

The Escape Collection provides three ceremony locations, flowers, wedding cake, champagne, violinist, limousine and professional photography.

The Wishes Collection provides four ceremony and reception locations and all the amenities of the Escape Collection. Videography, food and beverages, entertainment and transportation are also available with this package.

The Couture Collection is a customizable package that also includes a celebrity wedding planner.
Disney Weddings
Public Park.
If you want to plan a small, intimate ceremony, a public park can be a great location. Look for parks with gazebos a dock alongside a lake or river and those with pavilion areas.

The only issue is that you may not have the ability to set up decorations due to the location and, since it is a public park, there may be an abundance of other people eavesdropping or making a lot of noise.

Make sure to find out if there are any special events taking place at the park on the day of your wedding and make sure you ask the park office if a permit is needed; if so, it is usually a minimal cost.
Public Park
On the Beach.
There are over seventeen hundred miles of beautiful sandy beaches on offer in sunny Florida that stretch way beyond your wildest imagination.

The normal becomes the stunningly exotic and each of Florida's beaches comes with its own taste of magic.

What could be more romantic than standing on a white sandy tropical beach, exchange your vows with a cool ocean breeze on your face, listening to the ocean lapping at the shore and the feel of the your toes sinking into the warm wonderful sand. What more could you and your partner need for a memorable day?
On the Beach
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